M/S INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATES offer various types of Castables for different applications. Castables are packaged materials containing mixture of binders and graded aggregates in optimum proportions to get required properties. During application at site, Castables are mixed with water, when it produces Refractory Concrete.

IND AH branded products:

Castables are basically of 2 types- Dense Castables and Insuating Castables. Our Dense Castables of the IND AH branded series are Refractory Castables, suitable for high temperature applications. Impurity levels of these Castables are very low. These Castables are available in various grades, and each grade is suitable for a specific environment of operational requirements. All these Castables are of Hydraulic Setting types, and can be cast into required shapes, and also are suitably designed when required for gunning applications. Depending on the type of Aggregate used, a series of these Castables are manufactured.

IND AH TAB branded products:

In the high purity Castables category, we produce another range where the products belong to IND AH TAB brand. Here, we manufacture mainly 2 products- IND AH TAB 94 and IND AH TAB 97. These Castables contain a substantial quantity of White Tabular Alumina and are meant for use in critical service conditions in Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertiliser and Steel Industries. These Castables possess Service Temperature upto 1850° C and can resist reducing atmospheres of CO and Hydrogen. All the Castables of IND AH and IND AH TAB series are of high BD, high CCS, good Abrasion Resistance, and are resistant to Temperature fluctuations.

IND FH branded products:

We offer another series of IND FH branded Refractory Castables, which are suitable for moderate Temperature conditions. A variety of Castables are also made in this series of products by changing the type of Aggregate in the mix formulation. These Castables are Hydraulic Setting and are desired for use in oxidising atmospheres. They can be cast into any shape, and can also be suitably gunned by modification of design.

IND MORTAR branded products:

This group of Mortars are used as joining material for bricks. Mortars are suitably designed for use in both Dense and Insulation Bricks types. Some of the mortars are supplied in 2 component system, where liquid binder is separately sent along with powder component. Instruction manual for use is given by us when the mortar is supplied in 2 component system. When water is used as binder, the content should be such that desired trowelling consistency is achieved.

IND LC branded products:

Our Low Cement Castables possess the brand IND LC, possessing high strength at all temperatures, and high Refractoriness. These Castables are desired for use in locations, where the Castable is desired to withstand high abrasion and high temperature. These Castables require low water for casting, resulting high compaction, high strength and low porosity after casting in desired place of application.

IND INCAST branded products:

To conserve heat in furnaces, we offer a range of IND INCAST branded products, which are Insulating Castables having low density, low thermal conductivity, and of adequate strength. The density of Insulating Castables range from 0.6 g/cc to 1.6 g/cc. Insulating Castables are available in Normal Grade as well as Low Iron Grade. High purity type of Insulating Castables are preferred for use in reducing atmosphere conditions.

IND PLAST branded product:

These are called Plastic Refractory- which are supplied in 2 component system- powder in HDPE bags and Liquid Binder in plastic jars. These are chemically bonded products, and their strength and abrasion resistance is very high at high temperatures. In addition to our regular product of IND PLAST 90, we also offer various tailor-made products, where Alumina ranges between 50% – 80 %.

IND RAM M branded products:

These are Dead Burnt Magnesite based Ramming Masses- which are normally of 2 types IND RAM M 85 and IND RAM M 95. Here, the suffix number represents the percentage of MgO content in the product. These products can be used both for Ramming and Fettling purpose in Electric Furnace. We also offer Dry Ramming Mass, which does not need any water for application. Basic Gunning Masses are also offered by us by little modification of design for gunning applications.